“Your notes are super useful, especially for CO 331 and CO 487.”

“When I don’t have time to watch MUSIC 140 lectures, I just read through your notes.”

“Someone buy this man a beer!” from PMATH 334 piazza
Tomáš Vávra

“Woah… Your CS 479 notes have some nice diagrams.”

“I read through some of your notes (particularly the CS 146 one) and I thought that they’re really well made!”

“Your CO 456 notes have been very helpful.”

“Your CO 466 notes are a lifesaver.”

“Your notes is super detailed, containing every word in the lecture, especially for CS 350 and CS 482.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of lecture notes you have posted on your site! They are a lifesaver for CS 146, the whole class is using them.”


This website contains Lecture Notes only, as well as my thoughts regarding the courses. To get started, either take a walk on the homepage or check the nav bar.

Note that the lecture notes of some courses are quite incomplete because they just serve to give you a taste what the course is about.


Most of these notes are written in their entirety by me, Sibelius Peng, while attending lectures at the University of Waterloo. I have no intentions of violating any UW policies and will gladly honour takedown notices produced by an authorized UW representative. They are by no means authoritative so use at your own peril.

The course thumbnails are either from learn site, which the instructor uploads for the course, or from the internet.


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