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CS 135

Intro to racket

This course is taught by Dave, big fan of Coke Zero. In the first lecture, he used a clicker question with the last option to be 那个穿丑陋衬衫的人在说什么 (what did that person say in ugly shirts). It was funny for the first time, but got bored for second time. So do his other jokes.

Don’t have so many notes here since slides are good enough to study from. (Just noticed that they change the layout to be ‘fancy’ recently…).

From CS 145:

What if I start in CS 135 and decide it is too easy and want to switch into CS 145?

CS 135 deliberately starts off slowly and carefully, and ramps up later in the term; CS 145 starts off more rapidly, in part to give students enough information to make up their minds about it, and in part because the first midterm is scheduled after only three weeks of lecture. The transfer is thus difficult, but it is possible (if there is room); the earlier the better.

since the audience are from different backgrounds… and cs 145 with Cormack should be a self-learning process with assignments, as I audited for several weeks without doing any assignments. You cannot count on the lectures to be understandable


This course is about abstraction and ideas of functional programming with Racket. The goal is computer scientist, not computer programmer or software engineer. That’s why cs 135 differs from cs 137 for SE guys…

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