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CS 136

Alg and DS

Dave again… In the last lecture of cs 135, he introduced imperative paradigm with Racket. However, Racket session in cs 136 was chopped since cs 136 is for all math students, or Racket is not that useful later on if you don’t do research on programming languages (check cs 442).

It’s the second time he used that Chinese joke again. For the third time (cs 136 in Spring 2018), he didn’t check the grammar of the Google Translate output, so the result is weird…

English is your:

A) First Language B) Second Language C) Third (or higher) Language D) 那件丑陋衬衫上的胖子说了什么?

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This course is not that hard if you have a little background, like using for loops to draw rainbow… It has similar structure as cs 135: starts off slowly and carefully, and ramps up later in the term. I would say you will learn much much much more if you take cs 146: hard midterms, hard assignments, massive curve. You will learn some baby baby compilers…

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