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CS 246

Pain with C++

Took with Victoria. Though she is an expert in SE, for the first time she taught this course, her notes was not clear on board… For the last few lectures, she had some handouts to make the notes more readable.

Also, I believe this was the only term when the cheat sheet is allowed for CS 246.

Moreover, she held office hours everyday before Thursday midterm…

And for A4, she extended for twice. Also, changed the distribution of the questions:

We, the instructors, are aware of the effort you are putting into this course and since A4 and A5 are very close to the end of the term and the final exams, and we want to boost your motivation. We decided to credit 90% weight for your best three out of q1-q4 and 10% to your lowest question score out of q1-q4, if and only if all the 4 questions were submitted, otherwise the default marking scheme applies. Q5 is hand marked so it is out of the equation and we will use the default marking scheme for it.

Below are some useful links I used when I took the course.



C++ basic


Big 5

didn’t compile





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