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CS 350

Operating System

Check the help page.

This course is not hard to get good marks if you study well for midterm (study the past exams) and spend a lot of time on debugging assignments… Since clear guides are provided for assignments, then your job is just to follow the guides and then debug…

This course, in my opinion, is theory heavy, or memorization heavy… There are lots of mechanics behind OS. This course introduces some basic concepts behind it and lets us build some features top on a degraded OS provided by Harvard…

Note from Spring/Fall 2020: From the course website,

Course content is not changing from previous terms. While it was our intention to begin a more serious overhaul of the course, starting with the assignments this year, it does not make sense to start this process under these circumstances. If you have previously taken the course, the assignments have not changed.

Because of the pandemic, course’s structure cannot be changed. Moreover, midterms/finals are replaced by open-book quizzes/assessments. Therefore, then students really do not need to memorize all things like we did previously for midterms or final.

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