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MATH 136

Linear algebra 1

You can take the course with Dan: extremely passionate. He designed the course and the course notes (not free… but you can buy second-handed ones).

I took with Mukto Akash. He is nice: even giving lectures when he didn’t feel well. However, you might suffer from copying his lecture notes: lots of examples without trimming… It is good but I was spending lots of my time just copying… As a result, he was behind other sessions several lectures, then he was only able to state the theorems during the last lecture without giving any examples.

I audited Martin Pei’s lectures for about 30 minutes. He was in a reasonable speed and reasonable amount of lecture notes. Hope I would take CO courses with him in the future.


This course did cover a good amount of linear algebra. However, I think it might be helpful if it covers a bit more abstract things to solid the idea of proof. Some techniques of proofs require more motivation and inspiration behind it… So consider taking math 146!

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