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MATH 237

Calculus 3

Taught by Spiro. You can tell he is knowledgeable and ways he talks.

He coordinated math 237 for this term (and last term). The biggest change is that he no longer used the official coursenote, which is full of errors and bad proofs. Instead, he used Vector Calculus. Also, during these two terms, 12 assignments are required to be submitted, even during midterm week… Assignments did give a taste of how exams look like, so exams are full of calculations with little proofs.

His research interests are Geometry & Topology (maybe more), then he taught pmath 365 during next available term (1191). However, it seems that the lecture was not easy to follow…

Many math 148 students don’t like this course since drawing \(z=x^2+y^2\) is boring… They would rather do proofs…

As you might see from math 235, I learnt LaTeX. So here are some results:

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