SYDE 522 - Machine Intelligence


Incomplete winter 2020 notes from lec 2, winter 2020. The complete notes above is taken down from the winter 2019 during spring 2020. And here is the official(?) notes from winter 2018.

This course is really exactly from the comments on UWFlow. It’s more like a quick walk in the ML park, which is like: \[ \begin{aligned} \text{SYDE 522} = \text{CS 480} &\cup \text{CS 485} \\ &\cup \text{CS 486} \\ &\cup \text{CS 885 (RL)} \\ &\cup \text{STAT courses} \\ &\setminus \text{most math foundations}\\ \end{aligned} \] However, as an engineer, one just cares that whether I can use them or not. Without further explorations, knowing some python libraries will suffice… Considering its content, though it is for senior engineering student (5xx), it is still much lighter than any CS courses mentioned above.

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